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Intra-sector development in areas with a low concentration of capital but with endogenous potential of high cultural and historical landscape value, connected to each other with ancient skills and quality technical resources, constitute our reference perimeter.

The desire to encourage and facilitate vertical integration processes, in sectors with a high content of technological innovation and research in all the areas lagging behind in development in the world, is expressed in the sustainable growth programs of national and international public authorities, but also increases the interest of private financial groups.

The capacity for intelligent convergence of the dynamics mentioned above still constitutes a gap that cannot be resolved with artificial intelligence alone, while it is useful to implement smart agency models capable of combining implicit investment propensities with potential production factors, whose profitability is often not is sufficiently explored.

Specific information

The design and implementation of smart agency models depend on skills and abilities acquired over time as well as in the most suitable and functional forms of collaboration both on a local and territorial level and in the more consolidated forms of financial participation, generally of a cross-border type.

These prerogatives are the basis of the agreement between the two founders of ‘Greenfinearby Inc.’ through which know-how is expressed and certified, the intangible value of which is commensurate with the financial contributions that are collected from time to time in the forms of risk capital and private equity.

The ongoing activities, dedicated to the launch and consolidation of a ‘smart agency’ MODEL, are concentrated in sectors whose profitability is more easily ascertainable in nearby and lagging areas of development, such as sustainable and digital agriculture, production of novel foods and nutraceutical derivatives, the acquisition and management of historic properties of value or high commercial value to be used for wellness tourism: including renewable energies serving the sectors indicated above and also as opportunities for autonomous investments in relevant digital infrastructure works.


Mauro Brozzi

Sam Jichung Yang (Korea)


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